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dancing is soooo much fun
September 24, 2006, 3:02 pm
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ansley at foxhole, originally uploaded by karen lee hall.

first of all — click on the photo to see the whole thing. it’s a bit better as a complete image.

hi, are you back? well, i’m just back from my quarterly visit to central america and this friday went out with my dear pals to a dj night called foxhole. it’s at the gladstone hotel in toronto. i highly recommend it for a great, fun vibe. here you’re enjoying a photo of the lovely ansley doing, i don’t remember what – but clearly having fun at it. this friday featured a live act – elton jan – a fantastic tribute band. she does a killer version of elton’s great tunes.

listening to live performances of benny and the jets, etc., reminded me that i’d seen elton perform it on that tour back in who knows when. he was still in his big glasses phase. and remembering that show (for the first time in 20 years) reminded me that i don’t go see live bands anymore and i really had to wonder, what the..? does being adult really mean you have to have less fun? does an increase in responsibility really translate into less time for life outside executing one’s duties? well, of course the answer is no – so now i just have to ask myself, then what the…? why haven’t i been out to see more live acts in the past 10 years? something to do with having a career? whatever…

clearly the answer is in the question.

i’ll get back to you with the new plan once it’s in action. meanwhile, have fun out there.


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