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Spanish Is more than just a Different language
September 17, 2006, 3:25 pm
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In Latin America they largely speak Spanish. (With the sole exception being Brazil, where they speak Portuguese. But have you checked out a map recently? Brazil is humungous. I think it’s, like, half the landmass of the whole continent of South America.) All the other countries in Latin America speak Spanish, which I’m learning to love – and love to speak.

Slowly, I’ve been learning Spanish. Sometimes I get to go to school for it, and it’s Fantastic because my Spanish schooling – to date – has been at a school on a beach in Costa Rica. Mostly, though, I learn Spanish from my husband. He likes to teach me slang, mostly. It amuses him to get me to repeat things like ‘dickface’ and ‘son of a whore’ in Spanish. What he doesn’t realize is I get an actual Spanish education by listening to him talk: with his friends, his family, etc. I get to learn like a toddler, just through constant exposure. And – make no mistake – my husband loves to talk. He’s what I’d call a happy talker. So, I learn.

And this is especially great for me for when I go to visit my new family in Costa Rica because they don’t speak English (they live in Latin America, which is all Spanish, all the time – except Brazil – please see above) and I want to talk to them.

Sorry, are you bored yet? I’ll get to my point.

I love my new family. They make me feel so welcome – like a long lost sister, like a princess, like the most valuable person in the room, like they’d take a bullet for me – and I’d love to tell them I love them.

Now, there are two ways to say this, as far as I can tell. One is to use the verb ‘to love’ which is amar. And when you conjugate it properly, and get your subject correct, it should work out fine. Except it seems to be for lovers, not so much for families. The other way I’ve noticed folks in Costa Rica say “I love you” is to use the verb ‘to want’ – quiero. For example, I once received a message from my sister-in-law to give to my husband. She said (slowly, in Spanish) por favor, dice que te quiero. So, Question answered? But I gotta say te quiero, for this Anglo-Canadian girl, really, really feels like saying “I want you…oh baby”.

Although I know this isn’t what anyone in my family is implying when they say it, of course, I guess I’ll just stick to telling them how happy I am to see them. For now. Until I’m more fluently spanish in more than just the language.


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