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pesto is the greatest summer food, ever
September 6, 2006, 7:01 pm
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(imagine this post was done weeks ago, when I was actually at home, making pesto from my garden…) the basil plants in my garden are huge and yesterday was the day to make pesto.basil1.jpgbasil2.jpg why? because these plants are so glorious, bountious, green. It’s impossible not to harvest and grind up into delicious, olive oily pesto.

the thing about making pesto is the smell of basil is so strong, a sweet pungent scent that fills the house as the leaves are being washed. it lingers for hours, making the whole house intoxicating — to me anyway.

I learned to make pesto years ago. It was before you could even find it in the stores. I was young, younger than now, and I was working as a director’s assistant. Not the ‘ help me cast, schedule, arrange meetings’ kind of assistant. no. this was the ‘help me with my laundry, pick up the new york times, keep me company at dinner’ type of assistant. but my boss did give me one thing — he introduced me to pesto. he did this by sending me out to buy the ingredients, mind you. and it was hard because, as i say, back in the day – pesto wasn’t the norm. I had to scour for the fresh leaves sometimes. luckily I lived in Toronto’s Italian neighborhood, and i could ask for basil specially – they understood my strange request.

so he showed me how, and I’ve made it ever since.

that job introduced me to pesto and my dear friend steve, so it was a good job.


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