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alley jaunt 2006
August 17, 2006, 1:27 pm
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Some friends and I spent Saturday walking the alleys of west Toronto peering into garages filled with funny, wonderful surprises. Art for neighbors.

It was an absolutely glorious day, the kind of day that makes you glad to be alive. pure blue sky, sunny sunny sunny, 26 degrees – everyone was relaxed and smiling a lot. except maybe Oliver. He was hyper. But stil, hel smiled too.

Alley Jaunt, what is it? One weekend in the summer, people in a certain part of Toronto agree to let artists into their garages. Each artist has to explain their project to the garage owner. The garage owner kind of needs to agree to it. Then the garage is not cleared, cleaned, or otherwise changed by the owner. The artist walks in and does what they need to do to get their project set up. One person wrapped the entire garage in silver thermal blankets. She left little peep holes to view the contents within. Another person talked to the garage owner, convincing them to let him use their home movies. he made a peep show out of it.

then of course, there’s mr. nobody. a fixture as I understand it.

People who take the alleyjaunt get passports which get stamped by each artist — the stamps are as original as the art itself. You also get a lovely map. The path is marked with chalk and it takes you through alleys more than regular streets.

when I first moved to Toronto I discovered the alleys and this was, in fact, the way I chose to travel from place to place. of course the object was to see how far you could go without actually walking a regular street. I’d loved it then, and I still love it. life is intimate and lovely in the alleys of toronto. you’ll see lots more from them in future posts I’m sure.

if I can make it work, I’ll post some photos for you. oh, and after you check out the pix, you can check out the site they do it every year, so if you’re in Toronto in summer, come check it out.

Mr. Nobody + friend poetry.jpg 3-pals.jpg3-pals.jpgoliver.jpga-great-gallery.jpghappenin.jpgout-of-service.jpgcheryls-silver-delite.jpg


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